thePassionatePharmacist was created to provide another resource for people who need health care information from a trustworthy source (Who do you trust more than your pharmacist?), or for other credentialed professionals who want to provide important healthcare information. I also accept well-written first-person accounts.  I welcome submissions sent to me at any time, and I reserve the right to accept or reject any submissions. I also will edit for spelling and grammar, but never for content, except to keep this a family-friendly site.  Questions are always welcome.  I will identify people with questions only with their initials, and the community in which they live.

I have been a pharmacist for more than four decades, and have been privileged to work in several different practice settings.  I was honored to hold the title of Adjunct Associate Clinical Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Northeastern University, Boston, and also at MCPHS University, Worcester-Manchester Campus, where I was named Community Pharmacy Preceptor of the Year 2011-2012.

My published writing go back to the 1980’s, chiefly in pharmacy and medicine.  They include review articles as well as original research.  I’ve also written articles for the magazine of Massachusetts Freemasonry, the Trowel.  I continue to post articles on LinkedIn, and now have this vehicle to help exchange ideas.  In 2016 I realized one of my dreams when I wrote and published Recipe for Success, my first book, available in paperback at amazon.com as well as for the Kindle and Nook readers.  Recipe for Health was similarly published in early 2018.  Ever since high school, I have had a passion for writing.  This summer I plan to take a creative writing course.

I hope you enjoy thePassionatePharmacist and visit here often. I plan to post a new entry every few days initially, and then will conform to a regular schedule.  The plan is to be  timely, professional, fair, controversial at times, informative, educational, and fun.  I welcome your input. Please check the CONTACT section for my latest contact info.


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