Tell Me, Tell Me, Tell Me.

ThePassionatePharmacist would like to hear from you.

by Joe Goldstein, R.Ph.

For the past seven months I have enjoyed bringing you hard facts, anecdotes, stories, first hand accounts, personal opinions, professional recommendations, and different views of many healthcare topics.  But I am writing what I think you want to read.  I want to make ThePassionatePharmacist better.  I want it to be more educational, more informative, and more entertaining.  But what do you want?  Do you want more statistics?  Do you want it to be less “folksy” (someone described it that way)?  Do you want more or less graphics?  Should I change the font?  Should I use more colors?  Are there topics you would like to see discussed here?  Your input and feedback can help make ThePassionatePharmacist even better.

So tell me what you think.  Leave your comments, criticisms and suggestions.  Shy writing in public?  Send me an email to  I won’t reprint anything without your permission.  I won’t identify you.

If you like ThePassionatePharmacist as is, please tell me. Like me, Follow me, repost and re-Tweet some or all of my posts.  Share them.  Help get the word out to the world.  By the way, ThePassionatePharmacist is now viewed by readers in half the states in the U.S., and in 25 countries on almost every continent.

To my long-term readers: thanks for your loyalty and your enthusiasm, and I really look forward to reading your comments and your suggestions.  For now, I’ll continue to bring you what I feel is the highest quality, accurate, and useful healthcare information. To my newest readers: welcome to ThePassionatePharmacist family.  Relax, take off your shoes, lie back, and enjoy the journey.


Author: thepassionatepharmacist

I'm a pharmacist with 40+ years of experience. I am an author with a passion for health topics.

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